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Related post: Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 00:34:51 +1100 From: c p Subject: Oscar And Griffin, Part IAuthors Notes: russian preteen top100 This story contains graphic imagery of sex between underage boys, preteen gallery nudist if you are offended by preteen jean model such material then don't read it. Simple! It is complete fiction, none of the following events have ever occurred. I hope preteen erection size you enjoy it. Email me with preteen tgp kidz your thoughts: aussieboy06hotmail.comHi my name is Oscar, I live preteen bodybuilder in Queensland, Australia. This story is about my first sexual experiences when I was 12, about 3 years ago. My best friend's name is Griffin, he was also 12 at the time all this happened. I had always been attracted to Griffin, I don't think any sane person couldn't have found him cute, he was beautiful in every way; he had medium length light girl preteen naked brown hair and his eyes were amazing! The were a deep green colour and they really struck you down when you looked at him. Griffin was about 5' and skinny nude preteens ru in build his skin was always tanned. All of us had tans because where we live preteens kinder nude index images preteen its always sunny and we spend most of our time in board shorts with our shirts off. I had long sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and was the same height and build as Grif , I also had a nice tan going.It was summer when it all started, we would spend our days down at the beach (we live in a small town on the mid coast of Queensland) surfing and sun bathing. Griffin and I always hung out together, we have been neighbours and best friends all our lives, we were so close that I had a bed at Griffin's house and preteen girls nipples he had a bed at my house we would often sleep at each others house. We were inseparable. One day porn preteen nudist my parents told me that they would be going away to Brisbane for a week because my dad was in the Army and he maxwells preteen pic had a promotion dinner, and then they were preteen gay fuck going to have a holiday, away from me. I was to stay at Griffin's house but I knew that Griffin and I would be sleeping in my bedroom because that way we could stay up late and get into all sorts of mischief. Our parents were both really relaxed people and more or less let us do our own thing, so I knew Griffin's parents wouldn't care and neither would mine.So the day my parents left came pretty quickly, they left on a Monday and wouldn't be returning until the preteen natasha naked following Sunday night. A week of complete freedom, a massive sense of excitement swept through me. I could wander around the house naked if I wanted! As soon as my parents had left Griffin came over he had his surfboard under one arm and a can of coke in his other hand. "Lets go rape russian preteen to the beach" Griffin suggested, "Let me grab my board" I replied. So off we went down to the beach for an early morning surf, it was still only 7 in the am.When we got down to the beach the surf was non existent, and the beach was deserted, "Bugger" Griffin yelled, "Hey Oscar wanna get naked and go for a swim?" he asked. I was shocked I hadn't swum nude at this preteen free blackcat beach since I was 2, but I figured if it lets me get a glimpse of what Griffin in packing in his pants preteen c p I porns preteens pussy was up for it. "Yeah, why not" I said. Then we both stripped to our birthday suits, being careful not to look nn cp preteen at each other, and ran into the surf. The water was cold, but refreshing. I felt my penis pack up its balls and move back inside my chest, but it didn't bother me.Griffin was becoming playful, he jumped on my back, rubbing preteen nude african his cute little prick plump preteen nude all over me, quickly my penis found it warmer and came back out to say hi. I was really enjoying the intimacy with Griffin, I got in on the action and jumped up on his back, pressing my dick into his back. Soon we both stopped and stood there staring lesbian preteen insest at eachother, our eyes locked and I said to Griffin, "Can I touch you dick?", "You read my mind" Griffin replied. I moved closer to him and reached out and grabbed his delicate little cock, it felt nice, like I had preteen 14yo underage imagined it would. As I rubbed him he reached preteen webcam clips out preteens models ru and took hold boy masturbation preteen of my now swollen little penis, his touch sent chills down my spine."Lets go home to my house" I said"Yeah good idea" Griffin repliedWe left the water; penis's both erect, and went and put our board shorts back sexypreteen on. On the walk home, which was very short because our houses were more or less on the innocent preteen sex beach only a little creek separating us from the sand, Griffin asked me sleeping preteen facial "Oscar, are you gay?" I had never thought about that, "I don't know Grif, are you?" I asked. He looked over at me with an almost guilty face and said "I think I am, I always think about boys more than girls". If that was his explanation of gay then I guess I was.Once we got back to my house hq preteen pics xxx island preteen we went into the forever preteen models court yard, where xxx preteen pic the freshwater outdoor shower is to get all the sand and crap shameless preteen portal off us, I turned on the water underage preteens sex and stepped under. Griffin had a slightly different idea, but a good one none the less, he stripped naked and then stepped under. I promptly removed my boardies and we stood there together in all our natural glory, the water running over super young preteen us. I stared, fixated on Griffin's beautiful body; my mouth open and drool dripping out of it. Without thinking or asking for that matter, I leant over towards Griff and kissed him on the lips, then wrapped my arms around him and he immediately returned my gesture; we locked our bodies together and kissed and hugged with passion.I felt my preteen non nude dick stand straight up, rubbing against his, the water running between us enhancing the sensation. I was in absolute heaven! Suddenly without warning Griffin dropped to his knees and before I knew what was happening he started sucking on my little dick, preteen models topples it was terrific, his amateur mouth fumbled around but it still goes down as the most memorable blow job ever. After a short while my preteen boys pix knees began to buckle and I got a chill down my spine and then! I had the best orgasm of my childhood, unable to cum yet I just collapsed onto the preteen romania grass next to the shower a non nude preteens smile from one ear to the other, I was content. Griffin came down on top of me and we hugged. "That felt so awesome, where did you learn that?" I questioned; "I saw a porn movie on the internet and that's what the girl did to the man" Griffin replied."Do you want me to do it to you?" I asked him; his reply was abrupt and keen "Yeah!" Hesitantly I got on my knees, Griffin lying back on the grass, I leant forward so I was on all fours, his penis standing to attention in front of me. "What do I do Grif?" I asked. "Just put it preteens dee in your mouth and lick download preteen movies it and stuff, just don't bite it" he suggested. I slowly lowered my mouth over his penis, as it entered my mouth I got a taste, it was preteen mafia amazing, hard to describe but it was like preteens titts an aphrodisiac I wanted more. I licked away slurping at it like a lollypop; the feeling of his penis was heavenly and the feeling of wind running between preteen underwear mod my legs and over my naked and open bum hole further added to the intensity of the moment. Griffin made moaning noises and told me that it "feels soooo good". "Suck it" he preteen banana erotica said I took his suggestion and sucked like my life depended on it. After a few minutes he started having a fit, he lifted his bum off the ground, "mmm...yeah" he said tiny preteen sluts and with that I photos black preteens tasted what I would later find out was cum, cp preteen young a miniscule amount but it was still that salty gold.After our latina preteen nn blowjob exchange we headed inside and got a dry pair of boardies on, then headed over to his house to get some breakfast. His mum had made us fruit preteens punishment stories salad preteens model sexy and poached eggs, we gobbled it down and left the table. Being that it was holidays we could more or less do what we wanted, no school to worry about and we were to young for summer jobs. We had already discovered that the surf was shit this morning; so instead we grab our long boards (skate variety) and headed into town, a journey of around 2 minutes, we lived in a prime position about as far from the beach as we were from town.We went to the surf shop, which just happens to be owned by my mum, the girl who nymphet preteenz worked behind the counter was in love with me and Griffin, she always called us her `little hotties' and her friends all got in on preteen boy porno it. We thought it was funny but annoying when they walked into us in loose young preteens the changing stalls. I was allowed to muck around as much as I wanted in the shop because it was mine, and Griffin did the same because after all he was more or less family. We would always get ourselves a few stickers that preteen pictures latino brands sent us and we stuck them on our skateboards.The shop quickly got boring so we ditched out long boards and swapped them for the shorter more maneuverable alternative and headed off for the local skate park, or at least that's what preteens kids naked the council called it but it was a bit of a poor excuse for a skate park, but we still managed to have fun. Both Griffin and I had a `sponsorship' with a company, I suppose we were both pretty gnarly little skaters but really we just got free shit because mum owned the shop.As the day got hotter skating became less fun, so we headed back to my house. Once at home I turned preteen panties vids the air conditioning on and we sat an watched a skate movie. Griffin was restless, half way through the movie he suggested that we watch it naked. As soon as I heard the word naked I had started removing my boardies, that's all we wore, no jocks or t-shirts or shoes, just one board shorts. We sat there naked my dick was hard and so was his. Then as if it were a completely normal thing to do Griffin reached over and started rubbing my cock, his eyes still fixated on the tv, his touch felt board preteen bbs amazing and I reached over and we reciprocated.After about half an hour of rubbing eachother up, Griffin moved in lol preteen tgp for the kill. He leant preteen buy lola over and started to suck on my fully erect dick. His mouth was amazing, he licked away at it with style, slurping at preteen naked strawberries it and swishing it around in his mouth, I was in ecstasy! I sat right back into the couch and Griffin continued preteens nude net his fine work, and started to rub my little balls; adding to the sensation. He sucked for a few minutes and suddenly sat back up with a massive smile adorning his angelic face. "How was that?" he asked softly, "AWSOME!" I shot back at him with an equally massive smile across preteens beach tgp my face. "Your turn to do me" Griffin suggested. No incest girl preteen worries I thought and without a word I had my face buried preteen toplist rompl in his crotch. At first I was nervous as my experience doing this was not what I would call extensive. After I got past my anxiety and the lust came over me I began to get my sense of smell back, I took a deep breath through my nose. The smell was to die for, anyone would have thought that after a day of sweating it out under the Queensland sun a boy japanese preteen girl would have a more pungent odor about him; but preteen off nude Griffin smelt like he had just woken up, fresh with a little hint of cock.I relished the smell and proceeded to suck his penis like preteens dark portal a madman, slurping at it, occasionally lifting my mouth of it and licking just the head, concentrating on his little pee hole. I continued to suck for a few minutes, then I decided to try something new, my hand wandered down between his bum cheeks and I began rubbing at his little boy pussy as my mouth licked at his balls. Griffin obviously liked the feeling of my digits probing around his bum hole because almost automatically he opened his cheeks wider to aid my access. In a moment of lust, my tongue jumped from his balls to his sweet little hole, I buried my face between his ass cheeks licked away like I had an ice cream that was melting at a very rapid rate. "Mmmm!" Griffin moaned. "You like that Grif? When I lick your hole" I asked him "That feels so good, keep on doing it please!" he replied. I went back to my position licking at his hole, I too was enjoying it, it didn't really taste like anything, but the texture of his ring was where the sensation was for me.After I had finished orally exploring Griffin's nether regions, I sat up and looked him in the eyes. "Can I stick my dick in your bum?" He asked me. "Okay, I guess, but I have to do yours after" I replied.With that we went and found some moisturizer gel that erotic stories preteen my mum had, it was this aloe Vera stuff and it clear. I got onto all fours and Griffin squeezed the gel onto my ass hole, he then rubbed it into my hole with his fingers, that felt amazing even. He then rubbed what was left one his hand onto his gorgeous little dick.I knelt there my ass sticking up into the air, beckoning for Griffin's cock; and he certainly delivered. Slowly Griffin rubbed his penis around my ass hole, models nudes preteens then with a little preteen illegal schoolgirl forward movement he eased it into my untouched virgin boy cunt. Initially it hurt not immensely painful but kind of like when you lightly pull your fingers back in the direction they aren't meant to go. He continued to ease his little member into my ass, and I continued to relax and accept him. By the time he was fully inside me the pain had totally subsided and I loved it. "Fuck preteen vip me Griffy" I demanded, and he did just wet preteen pussies that. Starting preteen bbs bbs slowly he thrust himself rusian preteen boys in and out and gradually even few thrusts he sped up, until he was going like videos preteen a bat out of hell."OH YEAH!" I yelled in delight, "Fuck me preteen teen nn hard Griffin" his replies consisted of the odd "yeah" and the constant moaning sound that sounded so hot preteens modelling naked coming from behind. After a good ten minutes gang bang preteen I felt Griffin's thrusting become irregular and then, "OHHHHHHHH YEAH...Mmmmmm!" he had released himself inside me. Griffin fell back onto the bed, I turned around to see a very content looking beauty lying on his back, I lay down preteen search on top of him and our lips locked and we once again kissed passionately."Now its my turn to put my preteen ilegal free dick in you" I said preteen fuvk to Griffin.I grabbed the gel from the table and squeezed some into my hand, meanwhile Griffin had positioned himself allowing me full access to his nonude preteenz little virgin ass hole. I placed my fingers in between his cheeks and massaged the gel around occasionally slipping a finger just inside his hole. After his pussy was sufficiently slippery I lathered my dick ls preteen gateway in gel, it felt nice rubbing it on myself; explicit preteen pics but nowhere near as nice as the ride I was about to take.I shifted myself so I was on my knees behind Griffin, my thighs rubbing against the back of his. I slowly rubbed my cock around his hole then eased it in. Griffin pushed, like he was trying to take a shit, his hole opened up and I slid right up inside him. "Oh my god!" I screamed, "That feels topkds preteen so good", his bum hole felt like I had stuck my penis into heaven it was amazing. I started sliding my dick in and out of him, slowly increasing in power and speed."MMMM...fuck me Oscar" Griffin moanedI was pounding his ass, my thighs made slapping sounds as they smacked against his, preteen model webring "Fuck yeah!" I said in a soft voice "You like that Griffy?" I asked rhetorically. After a few minutes I orgasmed I had never felt a feeling as good as that, evem Griffin's amazing blow jobs were no match for the power of his tight pussy.After we were both satisfied we sat around for a little while, admiring eachother, occasionally breaking for a passionate kiss. We sweet russian preteens would lock our faces together and bury our tongues in the other's mouth. I also tried licking Griffin's face, as to why I don't know but we both enjoyed it when I did.That night we both slept at my house, I usually slept naked and I knew Griffin did too. Tonight was not going to be any different except that we would be in the one preteen tiny titty bed together. We lay there facing preteen nude feet eachother, our penises touching at pre teen lls their tips. I had the bedside lamp on, so I could see his face. I looked into his eyes, they were so beautiful, as was the cp preteen bbs rest of this boy, I reached out with my hand and placed it on his cheek. "You are so beautiful" I said to him, "Thanks" was his reply and then he gave me a kiss on the cheeks.Sometimes when I looked at Griffin I preteen model eur could blonde cute preteen tell he was thinking about something deep, he had that look tonight. I didn't want to ask him, and I knew what it was anyway. When we were 9 Griffin's dad died, he had cancer. I was close to him as well, he often said I was his second son. Griff's mum and dad had been separated preteennon nude for about a year and when we were 11 she got preteen model gal remarried to a guy called Dale. Dale was really nice and Griffin liked him lots but he always thought about his dad, sometimes he would cry at night. It was sad but I was to scared to ask him. I put my arms around him and pulled him close, kissing him on the lips. And with that we both went to sleep.That's the end of the first part, part 2 may dreamgirl preteen models happen at some stage, I hope you enjoyed it.
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